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    Shaanxi Taporel Electrical Insulation Technology Co., Ltd
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    Taporel new productions UV-resistant Rod insulators orders are encouraging
    Datetime:2018-07-30 | Browse:2637 【Close page

    Since March 2018,Taporel new productions UV-resistant reinforced polyester resinRod insulators order constantly, positive sales situation. UV-resistant reinforced polyester resinRod insulators used in glass fiber reinforced polyester resin for the United States Owenscorning ECR glass fiber, resin base by DOW chemical company of unsaturated polyester resin, curing agent with the Netherlands akzo Akzonobel of high purity chemical agents.The surface uv - resistant felt is the best imported French polyester felt on the market.The production process adopts vacuum injection process.
    Taporel Technical personnel before pressure welding process, the rod and the tolerance size of the fitting, and the hardness of fitting and the flexibility of the resin matrix mandrel tensile strength and torsional strength of the key technical indicators of trial and error, look for the optimization of parameters, strive to achieve the optimal the indicators.
    At present, Taporel new productions UV-resistant Rod insulatorsare widely recognized in European and American markets. Company has with France SM - CI, Beijing PLP, Germany ,RIBE Austria, Australia DULHUNTY MOSDORFER company, Swiss PFISTERER, America LAPP, Japan NGK, HUBBEL and other international well-known enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation.
    In addition,Taporel also has developed an anti-uv rod insulator with silicone rubber sheath.
    Taporel Electric power hardware also increased in the first half of 2018.Fittings matching uv rod core rod are exported to the United States, Germany, Spain, Poland, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil and other countries and regions, product quality and after-sales service by the user's consistent high praise.

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    Add: No.9 Jingwei 10th Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi’an , China
    Domestic 24 hour service hotline:15929809999  Overseas 24 hours service hotline:+86-18792660323
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